When French cycling apparel brand Café du Cycliste opens its London store this November it will be its first bricks and mortar destination outside their flagship location in Nice's Old Port on the Côte d'Azur.

Always inspired by the routes and roads of the Alpes-Maritimes, modern silhouettes and imaginative detailing underpin the clothing brand’s signature style. The wide-ranging collections, for both men and women, combine cutting edge technical fabrics, performance features and modern Gallic flair.

Positioned at the forefront of the ‘new wave’ of contemporary cycling brands, Café du Cycliste has enjoyed rapid growth worldwide. The strength of the brand in the UK made London the natural choice for the next stage of their expansion.

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While the new store will not attempt to recreate the set-up of the Nice location – with its café, premium bike hire and direct access from the waterfront to some of the most stunning road routes in Europe - it will actively set out to inspire customers to plan a visit to the South of France.

The design will reference the brand’s Provençal roots with details such as traditional terracotta floor tiles and, despite the use of suspended mannequins in riding position, it won’t feel like a traditional cycling shop. In line with the brand’s general approach, the feel will be closer to a high- end clothing store - that just happens to sell cycling apparel.

The spirit of the brand comes from the founders shared love of riding, and its aesthetic combines inspiration from both inside and outside the sport. The outdoors lifestyle influences of Co-founder and Creative Director Remi Clermont’s background in world competition level kayaking are also evident in the DNA of the brand.

“My father was really into road cycling, so I grew up in a family watching the Tour de France around 20 years ago when it wasn’t cool – even in France” he explains “I saw an opportunity to create a brand that was serious about technical excellence but also relaxed enough in approach to capture the pleasure of riding for riding’s sake”

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Since launching in 2009 Café du Cycliste has established itself as one of a very few specialist cycling brands able to effortlessly combine both high style and serious performance.

As Clermont says “Our clothing is designed as much to be worn 2,500 metres up, in some beautiful remote places where Le Tour has never been, as on the more familiar strips of kempt tarmac.”

In the UK Café du Cycliste apparel is currently available via Mr Porter, Matchesfashion, Condor Cycles and

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