Introducing our Atelier collection for summer 2023.

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Inspired by classic bandanas, hydraulics, hip-hop, Route 66 and the open road; signature designs have been customised with the rebellious spirit of the American West.

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Each season Atelier gives our designers the chance to let loose and explore with a limited-edition capsule of products inspired by the wild and wonderful beyond two wheels.

From Ancient Persia to the Californian Wild West, via the Lowlands of Scotland, the Paisley pattern is indelible in textile and clothing design.

Like many classic sports, leisure and workwear styles – the Paisley patterned silk scarf or bandana has become as iconic as the herringbone jacket or high-top sneaker. Synonymous with a variety of aesthetics, the so-called Wild West of Hollywood and Californian street culture made it recognisable worldwide.

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