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Expanded Luggage Collection

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Launching this June 2023, Café du Cycliste’s expanded luggage collection has been designed to enhance your ride and allow every adventure to go further. Built for maximum functionality, each piece offers everything you need for on-bike carriage of tools, clothing, precious cargo, foraged herbs and anything else you might need to enjoy your time out in the wild.

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Designed to endure whatever conditions may appear, the collection features a 10-litre Saddle Pack; 4-litre Frame Bag; Top Tube Bag, Small Tool Pouch and new compact Handlebar Bag – all constructed with weatherproof fabrics and durable components for functionality around the clock. Each piece is finished with updated branding, featuring the Flying Fish motif – a symbol of the spirit of adventure that fuels Café du Cycliste design.

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From multi-day trips to rigorous daily commutes, the bike luggage allows for a more self-sufficient cycling experience, and ultimately a more comfortable ride. The ergonomic construction and weatherproof fabrics are bolstered with heat-sealed seams, AquaGuard® zips by YKK, durable nylon webbing and innovative features such as expandable compartments and robust anti-vibration fixings.

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Rémi Clermont, Creative Director, said of the new collection: 'As a company based here in Nice we have adventure on our doorstep. As much as possible we’re outside exploring on our bikes, and this luggage was important to me to finally bring to life. The self-sufficiency of bike-packing is a beautiful thing of course, you could define it as a luxury – whether it’s for a day or a month. But it’s not just about going further, it’s also about being able to ride differently, whether taking your camera on a journey or picking fresh herbs to cook at home.’

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About Café du Cycliste

Anchored on the Côte d'Azur, Café du Cycliste is a French label dedicated to sharing a passion for cycling and the outdoors. Our technical and lifestyle products are predominantly made in Europe, using recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible. Each piece is designed to go further, move faster, and explore more. What began back in 2009 as a simple idea to do things differently has become a community of like-minded people who share the same values, beliefs, and a desire to be #foreveroutsiders.

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