Café du Cycliste introduce the Madeleine Tie & Dye, a strictly limited edition version of their high-performance wind stopper. 

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The luxury Italian hand dying process means each metre of fabric is coloured slightly differently, making each gilet as unique as the rider wearing it. Available for both men and women it marries a unique form with high-performance functionality.

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Using a dying process more associated more with 1968 than 2018, the hand produced pieces have been created in Northern Italy and the method ensures that each item is a one-off. No two gilets are identical.

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The fabric is produced by the Serates factory in Como, Italy, run by a family of specialists in performance and designer fabrics for the sports and fashion world. The result is a product that brings style from the catwalk on to the road.

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The Madeleine Tie and Dye will be available in a limited run at www.cafeducycliste.com and in our Nice, London, and Mallorca stores from today.

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