Café du Cycliste and The Climb

Cycling and cinema come together via the award winning film The Climb, which hits theatres worldwide later this month. 

A smart, moving anatomy of a toxic friendship Variety
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Having won the Coup de Coeur prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Michael Angelo Covino’s directorial debut is a humorous tale of a tumultuous relationship between two friends over a period of 12 years with riding as a theme throughout.

A key location in the film is Col de Vence, one of Café du Cycliste's local climbs and the brand's clothing features heavily in the scenes from which the film takes its name.

We were lucky to partner with this great bicycling company based out of Nice, France, called Café du Cycliste. They found out what we were doing and offered to help us get it done right. They are well connected with the cycling clubs, gave us our wardrobe, and helped set us up with custom kits. Michael Covino
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To celebrate the success of the film and its opening in cinemas around the world, we are launching a limited edition capsule collection of the Micheline jersey, as worn by Michael Angelo Covino in the movie's pivotal scene, together with specially designed caps and bidons, all available online and in our Nice, London and Mallorca stores. 

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During filming, Michael, and his co-writer and co-star Kyle Marvin, took some time out to grill Café du Cycliste co-founder and creative director, Remi Clermont, on everything from the production process, kit design and all important male modesty in figure hugging shorts. You can get a taste of the wide ranging conversation below.

The Climb In Conversation | Teaser

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