ATELIER: a workshop where an artist creates.

SS20 in limited edition. Summer sees three new jerseys in the Café du Cycliste atelier collection, Agnes, Opheline and Yvonne. Available for men and women.

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Agnes : Design cues from Nice’s prominent position in the French artistic style of Art Deco and matching freedom of design with freedom of performance on the open road.

Opheline : Rooted in the palettes of France and our home amongst the blue hues of the Cote d’Azur, featuring navy stripes on a lightly textured fabric.

Yvonne : Inspired by celebrated French fabrication techniques and pushing the limits of design convention to reveal the essence of atelier.

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Atelier is a collection by Café du Cycliste comprising one-off pieces produced in small quantities. Uniquely styled, the collection mirrors the freedom of the road within the design and development process itself. By limiting the constraints which are inherent in standard production, the creative possibilities increase exponentially, producing a richer landscape upon which to work. Fewer rules, less restriction, more freedom. Café du Cycliste

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