Experience the wanderlust

Our AW21 Atelier collection was born to spark a feeling of freedom and the desire to ride. 

Inspired by the iconography of road trips and the rise of tourism in the USA Great National Parks in the 60’ and 70’, with our latest jerseys we want to take you to a different time and a different place.

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Christiane - A race fit jersey with design cues embedded and embellished in the great outdoors. Imbued with a spirit of the big skies, the jersey is constructed to deliver high performance on winding roads. 

The medium weight blend is high wicking, fully breathable and cut close to the body. It features the unique atelier five back pocket layout for added capacity on longer rides and has reflective elements for added safety when the light begins to fade.

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Lydie - A gravel jersey that delivers extraordinary performance within a signature original design. Constructed using high wicking and breathable fabrics, the jersey adds extra warmth on cooler days while ensuring excellent moisture transfer and core temperature control when the going gets rough. It has three cargo pockets arranged in a unique five-section configuration and features the great outdoors cued motifs and the Cafe du Cycliste Atelier badge.

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Discover our new atelier collection here.

For photos and more information, please get in touch with our PR manager Clara Sanzol⎮ Clara.s@cafeducycliste.com.

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